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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Booster Box

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Booster Box

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Each pack provides you with 3 random cards from the 40-card set, all of which feature incredible new artwork. What's more, every card in the set is decorated with shiny foil!

Among the super-cool cards in this set are Gogeta: GT and Gogeta: BM, each of which appear as an Ultimate Rare Foil card!
There's also Goku: GT that recovers Ki upon entering Ultimate Dragon Fist mode and possesses the "Ultimate Dragon Fist" CAA that lets you pump up your damage the more you rub the card back and forth on the game space! And you won't want to miss out on Aeos, who can deal damage by countering your opponent's attacks with their "Reflect" CAA!

Power up your deck with special cards from these booster packs, then head out and have a blast playing Ultra God Mission #9!

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